A variety of ingredients

Throughout the seasons

The Ferme aux Buffles restaurant is a paradise for lovers of French gastronomy. Located in the heart of the Gers countryside, in the small village of Aignan. Our peasant and eco-responsible values ​​push us to work in a short circuit with passionate producers within a radius of 20 km around our farm.

Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer you high quality products on your plates, the star with us! This is the product! Our menu evolves with the seasons, nature imposes its directives on us in order to preserve this extreme freshness, our proposal is therefore reduced.

With us, there is something for everyone, whether your choice is meat, fish or vegetables, on our menu, everyone finds their place. No worries ! If you need, we will be able to guide you in the choice of your dishes, and advise you on food and wine pairings.

All in all, if you're looking for a table that showcases local produce and seasonal flavors, look no further and book your table.

He is salty, she is sweet!

Our kitchen: him and her

United in life as in gastronomy, together we offer refined, generous and gourmet cuisine. With us, the quality of the product is our priority, that's why we work with the seasons.

Our daily challenge is to bring the magnificent products of the Gers into our universe in order to innovate, surprise you and take you on a journey. After 20 years of experience in several types of establishments, from truckers to Michelin stars, we finally have the opportunity to open our restaurant.
A waking dream that we have been maturing for several years.

We are not pretentious, just lovers of great cuisine like a great gentleman of French gastronomy, Mr. Auguste Escoffier. With us, we sell fun! We are shaking up the codes of French gastronomy by offering you refined, elaborate, but gourmet and hearty cuisine!

The perfect alliance between technicality and simplicity of taste.

La Ferme aux Buffles
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our wines & spirits

A special selection

The Ferme aux Buffles cellar highlights a selection of local and essential Gascony winegrowers. Our cellar also opens up to other regions to broaden the taste offer that complements our local wines.

We have taken care to select for you the little gem of each winegrower. We work exclusively with true independent enthusiasts who have a know-how transmitted most often from generation to generation.

Wine lovers will be able to discover or rediscover the variety of choices offered, ranging from local grape varieties to grape varieties from neighboring regions. Wines from the cellar are selected based on their quality, flavor and ability to complement the dishes on our menu.

If necessary, Nicolas will be able to guide you to select the food and wine pairing. La Ferme aux Buffles also has a nice window display of Armagnac, a full range of vintages to selected vintages.

In addition, our cellar will be able to satisfy you for all occasions, a family meal, a special event, a girl's evening or an evening between gentlemen...