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La Ferme aux Buffles is a farm specializing in the breeding of water buffaloes, located in the town of Aignan in the Gers, in the South-West of France. It was created in 2009 by Mr. and Mrs. Lafitte, a couple passionate about water buffaloes and their breeding.

Over the years, the farm has developed and acquired a regional reputation for the quality of its production of buffalo meat and milk. In order to make their activity known to the general public, Mr. and Mrs. Lafitte decided to open their farm to visitors and offer guided tours in 2012. Visitors can thus discover the environment of buffaloes and learn more about this species. fascinating animal.

La Ferme aux Buffles

tranquility and know-how

A Family Farm

La Ferme aux Buffles has also developed a mini-farm for children, where the animals are free and can be petted and fed by the children. Parents can relax on the terrace and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pyrenees chain.

Today, La Ferme aux Buffles is a successful family business offering a gourmet restaurant and contributing to the local economy. It is proud to participate in the preservation of the local ecosystem and to promote local products to consumers.

* We specify that children are under the supervision of their parents and that they must be accompanied in the mini-farm.

La Ferme aux Buffles

La Ferme aux Buffles
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Our productions

Our establishment aims to be more and more autonomous over the next few years on its own peasant production.
Currently, our farm has an atypical breeding of water buffaloes (also called Asian buffaloes), exclusively reserved for the client of our restaurant.
This breed of cattle has been modified very little by man and remains a hardy working breed, still used in rice fields in Asia and for its milk for the famous mozzarella di buffala.
Our eco-responsible breeding is almost like in the wild, however we follow the health standards of the Chamber of Agriculture to the letter and we supplement their diets with hay from the land adjoining the establishment, we do not seek not an optimization of yield, but a long growth and an animal well-being for an atypical quality of meat which delights our guests.

We have also embarked on a project for an orchard and an organic vegetable garden, for an exclusively food crop according to the needs of the restaurant, the goal is to have the plant picked up the same morning or just before a service each season. .
"A cook's dream"
But it takes time, it's a one-hectare project that will take several years to complete.

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