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La Ferme aux Buffles

Local cuisine

Discover our brand new restaurant and concept, based on gourmet cuisine on a short circuit, offering the freshest products every day.



Established in Gascony land in Aignan in the Gers, the Ferme aux Buffles is located in the heart of the South-West of France, country of good living.

Our farm extends over more than 15 hectares with an exceptional view of the Pyrenees chain.

From the terrace of our restaurant, you can admire our breeding of Asian buffaloes in total freedom.

Then if you wish, you can also visit the animals of the mini-farm.

If you are looking for a unique culinary experience surrounded by nature, La Ferme aux Buffles is the ideal place.



With us, it's a house more than a restaurant, where the art of combining gastronomy, relaxation and pleasure of the senses is in order.

We welcome you with simplicity and friendliness, and very quickly as friends.
The word customer is meaningless to us.

Around the fireplace, in a cozy atmosphere or on our terrace with a view of our Asian buffalo farm, everyone finds their place!

In an idyllic setting, La Ferme aux Buffles enjoys an exceptional view of the Gers hills and the Pyrenees chain.

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Our story
A project

First of all our meeting, two cooks having the same passion for the soil and the product.

Very quickly, this link unites us and we multiply.

Four children are born from our union, becoming the parent of a large family pushes us to think big.

Transmit values ​​to them, build their heritage, lay the first stone in the building of a family project.

A need to escape, a crazy idea and here we are at the Ferme aux Buffles!

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If you would like to reserve a table at the La Ferme aux Buffles restaurant, we invite you to contact us directly by telephone.

We will be happy to help you find the date and time that suits you best.

Please note that reservations are strongly recommended, especially on weekends and holidays.

A desire to privatize our restaurant for a family or professional event, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to make an estimate according to your budget and your desires.

We will do our best to meet your expectations and make your culinary experience at La Ferme aux Buffles unforgettable.


important information

For the well-being of our customers and the safety of our animals, our 4-legged friends are unfortunately not allowed on our entire site. (Thank you for your understanding). 

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