Located in Aignan, 17kms southeast of Nogaro (Gers), La Ferme aux Buffles well portrays the "well-being" Gers region is known for. The owners Bernadette & Martial, work hard on a daily basis in order for their guests to fully experience their human-scale biological water buffalo breeding and live an unforgettable family moment.

Facing the Pyrenees Mountains, Water buffalo tours, food and beverages operations, direct sales of estate products, seminar rooms rental as well as live music venues are activities that take place at La Ferme aux Buffles all year-round.

Address : Lieu-dit Lectoure - route de Castelnavet - 32290 AIGNAN


Operates for lunch and dinner from Tuesday through Sunday (Reservation advised).


- Cured water buffalo charcuterie, mixed greens

- Water bufffalo beer stew or steak served with Housemade French Fries

                                                  - Housemade dessert

Reservation are advised, as the restaurant capacity is limited.


Tuesday through Sunday (expect on November) from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm : 30 minutes educational tours are given for both children and parents.

(However, please note that tours depend on weather conditions and might be cancelled out accordingly).

Fee : €5 per person / complimentary for chidren under 3 years-old.

Embark on a 12-seat military truck to have an up close and personal experience with these magnificent creature, watch them roam the pastures of the ranch while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Come and meet humorous and sympathetic owner Martial and his herd of water buffalo. Learn first hand about these amazing creatures and their history in this land. Do not be frightened while Martial gathers up his herd around the truck you will comfortably be seating in. Check out natural meadow water buffalo roam on and explore unique surrounding areas.

FERME AUBERGE   ...Water Buffalo from farm to table ...

La Ferme aux Buffles is the place to come if you are looking to enjoy an evening of food, local wines, views, conversation and friends.

We strongly believe in raising a natural product, unaltered by hormones, chemicals or additives and therefore our herd of water bufflalo feed pasture with hay and grass. Not to mention vegetables used in our restaurant that are directly supplied by local farmers.

Providing your palate and experience that is 100% local is that we seek for.

Some of you might wonder...what does water buffalo meat taste like ?

Water buffalo meat has long been an important part of the diets of people all over the world, where water buffalo are in abundance, and is now finally making its way to Europe. Water buffalo meat has an incredible nutritional value that far outweights the competing meat sources that we have been accustomed to. Some of the most prominent differences are in its comparison to beef. Water buffalo contains 93% less satured fat, 32% less cholesterol, 55% fewer calories and 9% more protein than beef. The taste of water buffalo is also a large factor that sets it apart from other meat sources. It has a taste and texture similar to beef, although its flavor is much more mild and tends to have a softer texture.

In other words, it tastes great !  Come and see for yourself.


From 11:00 am through 7:00 pm

For an unforgettable stay, the kids' mini-farm will be a delight to children while parents can enjoy a drink to the patio facing the Pyrenees Mountains and still keep an eye out for children. See, pet and feed all sorts of animals, including goats, giant rabbits, gooses, hens, ducks as well as a pig and a donkey. Stay tuned on our website for more animals to come.


Come and live an unforgettable music moment at La Ferme aux Buffles every Saturday evening at 8:00 pm performed by local artists.

Live and music dinner : €29 per person (wine and coffee/tea non included).

Dinner menu

- Local charcuterie, mixed greens

- Water buffalo steak and burger served with Housemade French Fries or vegetables

- Housemade dessert

Reservation are advised, as the restaurant capacity is limited

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